About Mac Papers

In 1965, Frank and Tom McGehee, sons of the founder of the Jacksonville Paper Company, established Mac Papers. Frank and Tom believed that success is achieved by offering unsurpassed expertise, a wide array of products from best-in-class suppliers and personal service to all customers.

In the early days, our slogan was “paper is all we do.” Over the past 55 years, Mac Papers has strategically grown the company, investing in new lines of business through acquisitions and talent. Today, Mac Papers is a leading merchant distributor that businesses turn to first for the best in paper, packaging, wide format, facility supplies and office products.

Mac Papers operates branch locations and retail stores across the Southeast, ensuring our reach and capabilities are extensive. Wherever and whenever you call on Mac Papers, you know you can count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, inventory and sales expertise.

Brand Pillars – Ideas to Power Your Business

Mac Papers offers more value than just the products it sells. What kind of ideas? From expert engineers who design custom end-to-end packaging solutions to tailored inventory management at distribution facilities, Mac Papers focuses on delivering creative solutions that support customers’ business goals. Across its enterprise, Mac Papers is committed to solving problems and building solutions that answer the challenges customers face every day. These ideas are represented best with the following brand pillars:

Mac Papers is committed to delivering ideas that make working easier. Our supply chain management enables consolidation of products and services while leveraging total spend. Whether it’s our forecasting tools, updated e-commerce offering, account management tools, design and automation capabilities or Just-in-Time delivery, Mac Papers customizes solutions to meet unique customer needs. We cut down the stress, so you can focus on the business at hand.

Mac Papers has evolved with the times. Our company has grown to become a trusted distribution partner for paper, packaging, wide format, facility supplies and office products. This makes it easy for customers to streamline procurement costs and purchase a wide variety of products, equipment and services from a single, reliable partner.

Even the smallest details can improve efficiency and reduce costs for customers. That’s why our experts are trained to help find the best paper for the job, the fastest full-line integrated packaging system or the strongest print workflow network. Combine that expertise with the strength of the Mac Papers supply chain and catalog of available products, and customers can be confident that savings can be found.

If a customer needs a product by tomorrow, we’re on it. The value of our distribution network is in its flexibility. Our customers have access to inventory and services at our branch and retail stores located throughout the Southeast. That flexibility extends to our sales team, which has the freedom to make local, real-time decisions. We work with customers, one-on-one, to create the most valuable solution.

Mac Papers has a well-earned reputation for honest, expert service. The company was built in part on the strength of its relationships with customers and suppliers. Day to day, it means our responsive and reliable team gives customers the kind of personalized attention they want. In the big picture, we have the experience and expertise to introduce new materials through installation of a complete new line of an operation.

Each brand pillar is a commitment Mac Papers makes to every customer. Together, they’re ideas to power your business.

Our Mission

To be the most dependable, valued and respected distribution partner for paper and print, packaging, wide format, facility supplies and office products, with a reputation for supporting best-in-class suppliers to help our customers deliver quality results, boost efficiency and improve their bottom line.

Our Values

Uncompromising integrity: We strive to be open, honest and direct in our dealings, making our company a place where people are proud to work and do business with us.

Strong relationships: We work together to create a culture of inclusion built on trust, respect and loyalty to every employee, customer and supplier.

Trusted reliability: We are committed to being known as a consistent, responsive and dependable partner who does what we say we will do.

Efficient innovation: We strive to offer customized, creative products and solutions that enhance performance, improve the bottom line and support a sustainable future.