Political direct mail: a slate of impressive paper candidates!

A Slate of Worthy Paper Candidates for Political Direct Mail

With COVID-19 concerns limiting door-to-door canvassing efforts and large rallies for Election 2020, political direct mail is more important than ever. We’re proud to stock a slate of worthy paper candidates, each one earning our vote for effective direct mail that meets USPS® thickness business‑reply requirements!

MacGregor™ XP Coated Cover from Mac Papers

We’re admittedly a bit partial to this candidate! Available exclusively from Mac Papers, the MacGregor™ XP coated cover product line includes gloss and silk items guaranteed to meet USPS® 7pt and 9pt requirements.

MacGregor XP combines high-quality surface, bulk and stiffness, providing the ideal balance of runnability and printability to deliver superior results at a competitive cost. MacGregor XP retains excellent whiteness and brightness, and ensures outstanding reproduction and superior ink holdout.

Win with a warrior this election season by selecting MacGregor coated cover! Click here to download our product guide and visit our Sample Center to request a swatchbook.

Tango® Paperboard from WestRock

Tango® paperboard from WestRock is an ideal choice for political direct mail, known for the sturdiness and stability to impress.

  • Guaranteed to meet USPS® minimum requirement of 9pt thickness
  •  Superior folding, die cutting and finishing
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
1 Consumer study conducted by independent research firm for WestRock. 2 Sturdiness based on Tango C2S Taber Stiffness measure compared to coated free-sheet at equivalent cover weights.

Opus PS® Premium Paper from Sappi

Sappi’s Opus PS® premium paper can score a victory – before the polls even open!

  • Premium paper proven to increase messaging recall
  • Gloss finish with stunning brightness
  • Guaranteed to meet USPS® 7pt and 9pt minimum business-reply requirements
  • 10% recycled fiber and 100% recyclable
  • Made in the USA with union labor

Springhill® Paper from International Paper

Springhill® 90 lb. Index manufactured by International Paper is a durable stock that can be relied on for political direct mail. The time-tested candidate meets the 7pt thickness requirement of the USPS®.

You’ll find a mailer printed on Springhill Index plus a door hanger and a ballot printed on Accent® Opaque in International Paper’s Election Season Voter Guide available from Mac Papers.

Request Samples and Swatchbooks

Contact your Mac Papers account manager to help you choose the right paper or paperboard. Visit our online Sample Center to request samples, swatchbooks and promotions, including the items highlighted below. In addition, Domtar has developed Ballot Stock Paper and Envelope Guides. Click here to download.

  • International Paper’s Election Season Voting Guide
  • Sappi’s NEW Opus swatchbook
  • WestRock’s Sturdy Moves People promo filled with compelling direct mail and other print samples
  • Mac Papers’ MacGregor swatchbook

USPS® Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Promotion

Make direct mail even more effective and save on postage too with USPS incentive!

There’s a wealth of compelling data highlighting the effectiveness of direct mail, not the least of which is a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing medium. In fact, direct mail generates a five to nine times higher response rate than email, paid search or social media.

In the post-pandemic “new normal,” the importance of direct mail is amplified and the need for your message to stand out is more important than ever. While direct mail involves costs – from design and paper to print and postage, there are countless ways to produce effective direct mail pieces for a wide range of budgets.

So what can we do to get the best possible return on a direct mail investment?

  • Paper already has the edge over digital because it’s innately sensory. Think about how much more engaging a piece can be simply by the choice of paper. Does your brand convey luxury? Consider a premium soft-touch paper. Promoting a family-friendly vacation getaway? Consider a paper that has a sandpaper-like texture to evoke a beachside sensation. Trying to attract new customers to your bakery? Think about using scent paper infused with the aroma of cake baking or vanilla frosting.
  • Specialty inks can also be a relatively cost-effective way to get noticed. For example, a photochromic ink that changes color with UV light exposure could be an effective way to make the fireworks image on your Fourth of July sale promotion more eye-catching and therefore more likely to get opened.
  • Take recipients on a journey and enable your brand story to unfold with the use of interactive elements such as pop-ups, infinite folds or by using dimension. Trailing edge or shapes envelopes are cost-effective ways to achieve dimensional impact.
  • Take advantage of the USPS incentive promotions for savings on postage!

USPS Tactile, Sensory & Interactive (TSI) Promotion through July 31!

One of the USPS incentive promotions currently in effect provides a 2% savings on postage for business mail that utilizes tactile, sensory or interactive features. Having more impact and saving money? That’s a win-win!

Incentive Details

Registration period runs through July 31, 2020.

Promotion period runs through July 31, 2020.

The discount for qualifying mail is 2% of eligible postage.

Qualification Requirements

Using any of the treatments listed below can qualify your mail piece for the TSI discount if they are visible and distinguishable.

  • Specialty Inks— conductive inks that contain metals like copper, leuco dyes that are heat sensitive dyes or inks that change color in variation temperature, photochromic inks that change color with UV light, optically variable ink contains materials that change appearance when viewed from different angles, piezoceramic ink that changes appearance under pressure or hydro chromic inks that change appearance when exposed to water or liquids.
  • Textural papers – tactile – sandpaper feel, soft touch, etc. Includes coatings
  • Sensory – scratch and sniff, edible, etc.
  • Dimensional elements – Trailing edge or shape envelopes
  • Must be USPS Marketing Mail® letters and flats, nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail letters and flats


How to Submit

All mailpiece samples must be submitted via USPS mail to the TSI Promotion Office for review and approval no later than one week prior to the mailing date. You can get all the requirements here.

Mail: US Postal Service
Attn: Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Promotion
PO Box 23282
Washington, DC 20026-3282


For More Information

Please visit our website for information on other USPS® incentive promotions now in effect, including emerging and advanced technology and personalized color transpromo promotion.

Trailing Edge Envelopes Qualify!

Trailing edge envelopes, like the cable company example produced by our envelope converting operation and pictured below, also qualify for the USPS TSI incentive. Embossing is another qualifying treatment that’s available at MPEC.

Use Textured Papers to Qualify!

With so many great textured papers to choose from, there are multiple ways to create a mailpiece that’s not only more engaging but also qualifies for the TSI promotion based solely on paper choice.

Mac Papers Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Mac Papers Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Ron Crowell brings over 25 years of finance leadership and extensive M&A experience to role

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (June 9, 2020) – Mac Papers, one of the largest merchant distributors in the southeastern United States, announced today the addition of finance executive Ron Crowell as the company’s new Chief Financial Officer. Crowell joins the company as Greg Gay, Mac Papers’ CFO for the past 10 years, transitions into retirement.

Crowell brings over 25 years of finance leadership to the role, most recently as CFO for APR Energy, a Jacksonville-based global provider of power solutions. Prior to joining APR Energy, Crowell served as Senior Vice President of Finance for World Fuel Services, Inc. for approximately six years.

“I’m thrilled that Ron has joined our leadership team,” stated Rick Mitchell, Mac Papers President and Chief Operating Officer. “In addition to extensive finance expertise, Ron brings a wealth of M&A experience – skills that will greatly assist Mac Papers in its strategic growth trajectory.”

Gay has accepted an independent director position on the Mac Papers Board of Directors for Monomoy Capital Partners, the private equity firm that acquired Mac Papers earlier this year.

“I greatly appreciate Greg’s many valuable contributions during his tenure at Mac Papers, especially his excellent work and partnership through numerous acquisitions and the recent sale of Mac Papers to Monomoy,” stated Mitchell. “We are pleased that Greg will continue to be involved with the business through his new role on the Mac Papers Board.”

About Mac Papers

One of the largest wholesale distributors in the southeastern United States, Mac Papers is a trusted distribution partner for paper and print, packaging materials and equipment, wide format products and equipment, facility supplies and office products. The company also converts and prints an extensive range of standard and custom envelopes at its state-of-the-art converting facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The First Coast city is also home to Mac Papers’ headquarters office. Founded in 1965, Mac Papers operates branch locations and retail stores throughout the Southeast.

Mac Papers is owned by Monomoy Capital Partners, a private equity firm with $1.6 billion in committed capital that invests in middle-market businesses in the manufacturing, industrial, distribution and consumer products sectors. To learn more, please visit macpapers.com.

Media Contact

Caryn King

Round-up of protective solutions for employees & customers

Solutions for Protecting your Employees, Customers, Guests and your Business

As workplaces and public spaces open back up, short-term and longer-term protective solutions are needed. Mac Papers offers a full range of what businesses need to keep employees safe and productive, provide a comfortable and healthy environment for guests and customers, and ultimately help keep your operation open and running smoothly.

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Hand care products & dispensers

  • Non-contact thermometers & temperature screening system

  • Cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, supplies & equipment

  • Floor/wall/window graphics & sign stands

  • Industrial tapes for marking & containment

  • Paper & synthetic media for menus & high-touch items

  • Self-seal envelopes

  • Pressure-sensitive labels


Mac Papers offers KN95 and disposable face masks as well as face shields for industrial and non-medical use. We also stock disposable gloves.

RESOURCES: Click here for details on the face masks/shields and visit our online catalog for our full glove offering.


Hand soaps and sanitizers as well as hands-free dispensers and tissues and towels are essential needs for all businesses and facilities. You can count on Mac Papers and our relationships with key industry suppliers including Georgia-Pacific and Gojo for the products you need. We also have an ample supply of hand sanitizers in pump and gallon sizes in stock and available now.

RESOURCES: Click here for details on hand sanitizers available now to order and visit the Facility Supplies section of our online catalog for our full offering of products and dispensers.


From non-contact infrared thermometers to have on hand at your workplace for employees to a high-tech body temperature screening system designed for high-volume traffic areas and crowds, the experts at Mac Papers have you covered with a range of solutions.

RESOURCES: Click here for details.


Maintaining a clean, safe facility has never been more important. From disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to mopping and floor care supplies, janitor carts, waste baskets and can liners, you can rely on Mac Papers for high-quality products that get the job done.

RESOURCES: Visit the Facility Supplies section of our online catalog to browse available products.


An abundance of directional and informational graphics are needed for employees and guests. Mac Papers has a complete line, from easy-to-apply and remove durable floor, wall and window graphics to our exclusive line of Argent® wide format banner materials and rigid board. We also offer a wide variety of banner and information stands, including one that does double-duty with a hand sanitizer unit.

RESOURCES: Click here to download a PDF of our General Formulations wide format graphics guide; click here to download an overview of banner and information stands available from Mac Papers; and visit our Argent website.


Mac Papers carries industrial tapes from leading manufacturers Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) and Shurtape that are ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications, from aisle marking for foot-traffic and social distancing management to bag sealing and containment.

RESOURCES: Click here to read IPG’s containment tapes overview and visit our online catalog for our full offering of tapes and adhesives.


To ensure the highest level of protection for patrons, many restaurants are changing to single-use paper menus or plastic substrates that can be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectants between uses. Hotels are also addressing high-touch items such as privacy hangers and bedside amenities. Mac Papers stocks a wide variety of paper and synthetic media from the top suppliers.

RESOURCES: Click here to read our blog post.


Easy-seal envelopes that provide a secure seal without the need to apply moisture can reduce contact and help avoid potential health and hygiene concerns. Our new Manta™ #10 envelopes offer a reliable self-seal solution.

RESOURCES: Click here to read our Manta™ envelope announcement.


Ideal for a myriad of applications, labels are especially useful now for communicating important or reassuring information to customers. Consider a “sealed and protected for your enjoyment” label on a to-go food order, a “sanitized for your safety and comfort” sticker at the hotel room entry or rental car door, or a tamper-evident seal on a package. Mac Papers offers the full line of Spinnaker pressure-sensitive products for digital and offset printing and we are proud to stock the best sellers under our Starboard Tack™ brand. Through our packaging line of business, we also offer a wide variety of labels that are well-suited for these applications.

RESOURCES: Visit our online catalog for Starboard Tack products and other labels available for next-day delivery from Mac Papers.

USPS® Personalized Color Transpromo Incentive

The 2020 USPS Personalized Color Transpromo promotion incentive starts July 1. Registration is now open!

The focus of the Personalized Color Transpromo incentive is on elevating the value of bills and statements, which are key areas of interaction with consumers. It’s intended to incorporate marketing messages highlighted through the use of color, dynamic variable print and personalization – attributes that can foster a better connection with and a response from consumers.

Incentive Details

Registration period runs May 15, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

Promotion period runs July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020.

The discount for qualifying mail is 2% of eligible postage.

Did you know?

20% of consumers have purchased a new product or service after seeing a message in a bill or statement.

Qualification Requirements

Must be first-class business mail that is a bill or a statement.

Must have a full-color transpromotional marketing/consumer message or visualization of account data.

  • Full-color is 2 or more colors. Black, white and grayscale do not count as colors. Color stock does not count as a color.
  • Must be printed in-stream on a physical piece of paper within the content of the bill or statement. Consumer messaging examples include rewards, loyalty and renewal offers or info on benefits of those programs; cross- or up-selling promotions; coupons for products or services; alerting customers of arrival of new credit card; tips on keeping information safe, etc.

First-timer for this incentive? Must only meet the color and messaging requirements listed above.

Received the incentive before? You must also meet the personalization requirement. 

  • Personalization is not about including the recipient’s name. It is defined as information applying to the marketing or consumer message that the recipient would consider personal or relevant in nature. Personalization does not have to be at the individual level – it can be tailored to a specific consumer segment. You must demonstrate at least 4 customer segments of personalization at the pre-approval process. Segments include demographics such as age, gender, or income; psychographics such as personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, lifestyles; and purchase behavior.

Need ideas on what to promote?

According to 2019 Gartner research, here’s what consumers would like to see in their bills/statements:

  • Money saving tips (50% of consumers)
  • Ways they can receive more benefits from their services (48% of consumers)
  • Historical or comparative data (27% of consumers)
  • FICO score (26% of consumers)

How to Submit

All mailpiece samples must be submitted for review and approval prior to claiming the discount. The sample can be submitted as a color PDF file via email to: FCMColorPromotion@usps.gov.

For More Information

Please visit our website for information on other USPS® incentive promotions now in effect, including emerging and advanced technology, and tactile, sensory and interactive engagement.

Ineligibility Alert!

If the mailpiece contains a consumer statement that encourages mail diversion; i.e., suggests to recipient they can go online to make the payment, it will not qualify for the incentive.

Hospitality: paper & synthetic media for high-touch items

Hospitality: Paper and Synthetic Media Options for Menus and Other High-touch Items in Restaurants and Hotels

As restaurants, hotels and other establishments in the hospitality industry re-open in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a heightened need to address all customer touchpoints in an effort to minimize transmission of the virus, keep guests reassured and safe, and provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Everything from menus and placemats to keycards and door hangers should be considered.


Many restaurants are transitioning to single-use paper menus, replacing them at each table turn. As the new Paper Menu Playbook from International Paper highlights, there is a wide range of papers suitable for any type of dining experience, from quick service to high end.

Hotels welcoming back guests are also evaluating the need for single use paper items, from privacy hangers to room-service menus and bedside amenities. As our new Neenah/Mac Papers promotion filled with creative samples emphasizes, in the hospitality industry the guest experience is everything, and premium papers are an impactful way to reinforce and elevate brand. Plus, paper is an infinitely recyclable and sustainable choice.

Mac Papers stocks an extensive paper offering from leading mills Domtar, International Paper, Mohawk, Neenah, Pixelle, Sappi, and Verso.


Printing on plastic substrates that can be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectants between patrons is also a great option. Constructed to stand up to heavy use while still maintaining the flexibility of paper, synthetic materials eliminate the need for laminating.

Regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or type of equipment used, Mac Papers has the right synthetic media for the job at hand. We’ve got our customers covered with products from the top suppliers including Arjobex, Blanks USA, Domtar, Graphix, Kernow, Masterpiece, Mohawk, Nekoosa, PPG, Yupo, and 4S Graphics.

Click here to view our plastic substrates overview.


Contact your Mac Papers account manager to help you choose the right paper or substrate. Visit our online Sample Center to request paper samples and be sure to look under the Promos and Packets tab to request the following sample kits or promotions:

  • Paper Menu Playbook from International Paper
  • Neenah/Mac Papers Hospitality Premium Papers Promotion
  • Blanks USA Plastic Papers Sample Kit
  • Mohawk Synthetics Guide

Manta™ easy-seal duo-flap envelopes available!

Manta™ Easy-Seal Envelopes with Duo-flap Closure

We’re pleased to now offer Manta brand easy-seal envelopes with two-flap closure! Available exclusively from Mac Papers, Manta envelopes are made at our envelope converting operation, ensuring a high-quality product.

When the Manta envelope has been filled and is ready to seal, the user simply turns the bottom flap up and folds the top flap down over the latex-gummed surface, creating an easy and efficient seal.

Now more than ever, efficiency and reduced contact during the fulfillment process is preferred. Manta easy-seal envelopes provide a secure seal without the need to apply moisture to activate the seal, helping eliminate waste – in terms of product and process, and avoiding potential health and hygiene concerns.

Manta #10 envelopes are available with and without windows. They are stocked and available at our distribution facilities located throughout the Southeast. They can also be printed and converted at the MPEC operation.

To view our offering of Manta envelopes, please visit our on-line catalog. Registered users can see pricing and local inventory on our EZ Mac Connect customer portal: macpapers.com/ezmacconnect.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

1080x1080-EarthDay IG

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

At Mac Papers, we are honored to be a part of the worldwide effort to sustain and protect the environment, especially our planet’s valuable forests – every day of the year.  As we join our supply partners, customers and industry associations in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are pleased to share some of the news, activities and facts that inspired us today.

  1. Channel your creative side and bring nature indoors for Neenah’s Design Your Nature contest. Upcycle products found around your home — fabric, magazines, yarn, even toilet paper cores — to design a floral creation. Submit your entry by May 8th for a chance to score some green!
  2. Get the kids in on the Earth Day fun with an activity book from Berry Global that teaches about important ways to reduce, recycle and reuse. 
  3. Test your paper facts. Did you know that in the United States there are 20% more trees today than there were in 1970 when the first Earth Day celebration took place? Now that you know the answer to the first question on the Facts About Paper quiz from our friends at Paper & Packaging, click on the link above to see if you can score 100% on the rest of the quiz.
  4. Read all about Renewal, Mohawk’s brand new portfolio of papers made with hemp, straw and recycled cotton fiber.  Compatible with digital and offset presses, Renewal Papers are available in available in seven colors and two finishes. Mac Papers is a proud supplier of Mohawk paper and we would be happy to help you learn more about Renewal.
  5. Take a selfie with a favorite tree in your backyard or on a socially distancing walk in your neighborhood or park. Care to share it? Post your selfie on social media using the hashtag treeselfies and be sure to tag @Howlifeunfolds.
  6. Learn the facts about deforestation. Although the rapid loss of tree cover isn’t an issue in North America, it is in other parts of the world.  Read this interesting post by Domtar Paper and be sure to recycle paper products.
  7. Make handmade seed paper! Cardboard boxes are incredibly sustainable — recyclable and biodegradable — and there are loads of creative ways to reuse them as well. Click here for the seed paper “recipe” from Paper and Packaging.
  8. Learn about how trees fight climate change with this clever infographic from Sappi North America. Visit Sappi’s Instagram page to view the animated version.

COVID-19 safety signs available to download.

Need reminders for employees, customers and visitors of ways they can minimize the risk of getting and transmitting COVID-19? We are pleased to offer two downloadable 3’h x 5’w banners created by our wide format team and featuring CDC recommended practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Please find links to both banners below. Stay safe and be well!

Working from home with little ones nearby?

Working from home with little ones nearby?

Adjusting to working from home and trying to get it all done with little ones nearby? Some of our Mac Papers working parents are too, and they have compiled a list of their favorite paper love activities to help keep the kids engaged.

Thanks to our friends at International Paper, Mohawk, and Domtar for the inspiration – and special thanks to our furry friends Apollo the Spacedog and the Easter bunny!

  1. Read about the adventures of “Apollo the Spacedog” and color outside the lines with Apollo coloring sheets: https://www.accentopaque.com/accentonreading
  2. Make homemade cards to let loved ones you can’t spend time with right now how much you care. https://www.mybluprint.com/article/easy-card-making-ideas-that-take-30-minutes-or-less
  3. Download and print these fun activity sheets: https://paper.domtar.com/blog/campaign/activity-templates-for-kids/
  4. Reel in more reading and coloring fun with a delightful children’s book by Craig Frazier: https://www.craigfrazier.com/coloringbook. You can also submit your child’s handiwork and be a part of Craig’s collective project on Instagram.
  5. Make Easter decorations with a few simple household supplies – paper, safety scissors, glue, string and a bit of imagination: https://www.redtedart.com/paper-easter-crafts/

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