Protective Solutions Available to Order: Thermometers

300x200 Thermometer

LFR30B non-contact infrared thermometer

    • Non-contact body temperature measurement avoids cross-infection
    • Two temperature measurement modes: human body / object
    • Auto shut down when there is no operation for 60 seconds
    • 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • Item number: 602164
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    • Individually sold
    • Lead time: 14 days
thermal temp 300x200 1

Body temperature inspection system

    • Designed for high-volume traffic areas and crowds.
    • Ability to screen a moving group of individuals for elevated skin temperature
    • Automatic alarm sounds when skin temperature reaches preset
    • Automatically saves a thermal image on alarm condition
    • Comprehensive, intuitive software included in the package
    • System runs on a standard Microsoft Windows™ PC
    • Simple system installation and operation
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