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Packaging ideas to power your business.

Our comprehensive and customer-focused approach to packaging ensures you have everything you need to optimize your packaging processes and operations at the lowest total cost. With our deep experience, packaging expertise, strong relationships with top suppliers and solid infrastructure throughout the Southeast, Mac Papers and Packaging has the right packaging ideas to power your business.

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The right
packaging materials

Whatever packaging materials you need, you can count on Mac Papers and Packaging to source and stock them locally – cushioning and void fill, tapes and adhesives, stretch wrap and shrink films, strapping, poly bags and corrugated, Floral and Agriculture supplies. We also offer our exclusive line of Castle® carton sealing tapes and stretch film.

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Automated equipment
solutions + service

Mac Papers and Packaging has the latest technology from leading suppliers for every step of the packaging process, from single-function machines to full-line integrated systems. You can rely on customized automation solutions from our experienced engineers and the best in ongoing local equipment support and service from our own certified technicians.

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National accounts
services + solutions

We specialize in developing customized packaging programs for companies with complex packaging challenges that require sophisticated services and solutions. We’re also experts at delivering single-source packaging programs for multi-location companies. Our extensive national accounts resources manage pricing, sourcing and reporting to best support an operation’s overall packaging requirements.

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Packaging design +
box converting services

Our custom packaging design solutions and box converting solutions optimize material usage for maximum protection from damage at the most cost-effective dimensional weight. We also think outside the box, designing for an enhanced presentation experience and helping to elevate your brand.

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services + solutions

Mac Papers and Packaging provides in-house kitting services and solutions, from package design and assembly of components to warehousing and fulfillment. Our capabilities help you achieve lower inventory carrying costs and streamline an important part of your operations.

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footprint + logistics

With an extensive network of company-owned warehouses, private fleet of trucks and dedicated account management “boots on the ground” throughout the Southeast, we have the inventory, logistics power and local resources to serve your needs quickly, effectively and efficiently.

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Market + industry

We take a customer-focused approach by harnessing our experience with a wide array of markets and industries. From manufacturing, automotive and pharmaceuticals to food and beverage, agriculture, and fulfillment and distribution, we make it our priority to specialize in your business.

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You can rely on our experts to help you navigate the quickly changing requirements of e-commerce. Whether frustration-free packaging (FFP), ships in own container (SIOC), prep-free packaging (PFP) or any other requirements on the horizon, we work to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

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Order & inventory
information 24/7

Mac Papers and Packaging offers a robust, and like its namesake, easy-to-use online ordering system. EZ Mac Connect puts time-saving features including quick order, inventory lookup and product comparison at your fingertips 24/7. macpapers.com/ezmacconnect

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Mac Papers and Packaging is pleased to offer its exclusive line of Castle® carton sealing tapes and stretch film. Visit our Castle site to learn more.