Automated Packaging Equipment Solutions + Service

Our packaging specialists will recommend the right case sealers from Intertape Polymer Group for your packaging operation.

Mac Papers and Packaging offers a complete line of shrink wrappers from industry-leading suppliers. Whether you’re interested in shrink wrapping equipment, shrink bundling or flow wrapping, our packaging specialists and account managers will put their extensive experience to work to determine total cost of ownership and recommend the right equipment and shrink film to meet your needs and help optimize your operations. We’re there for you throughout the process, including installation, training and service.

An overview of the models we offer, from semi-automatics and automatics to L-sealers, follows below.

Automatic  Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shanklin omni form fill seal wrapper 300 x 300

Shanklin Omni®

shanklin servpro 300 x 300

Shanklin HySpeed Servo

Shanklin Triumph 2 Wrapper

Shanklin Triumph 2

HS500-SERVO 500 x 500

Smipack HS500 SERVO

Smipack HS250-VT 500 x 500

Smipack HS250 VT

Smipack HS500 500 x 500

Smipack HS500

Smipack HS500E

Smipack HS500E

Smipack HS700 500 x 500

Smipack HS700

Smipack HS800 500 x 500

Smipack HS800

Smipack HS800Servo 500 x 500

Smipack HS800 SERVO

T452H 500 x 500

Smipack T452H

Smipack T652H 500 x 500

Smipack T652H

FP6000 500 x 500

Smipack FP6000

FP6000E 500 x 500

Smipack FP6000E

FP8000CS-pop 500 x 500

Smipack 8000CS

eastey-l-sealer-automatic-2530-value-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey L-Sealer 2530

eastey-l-sealer-automatic-professional-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey L-Sealer Pro Series

eastey-l-sealer-automatic-value-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey L-Sealer Value Series

Semi-Automatic  Shrink Wrapping Equipment

SL55-gambe 500 x 500

Smipack SL55

SL45 500 x 500

Smipack SL45

S560 500 x 500

Smipack S560

S560N 500 x 500

Smipack S560N

S560NA 500 x 500

Smipack S560NA

S870 500 x 500

Smipack S870

FP560 500 x 500

Smipack FP560


Smipack FP560A

FP870A 500 x 500

Smipack S560NA

S870 500 x 500

Smipack S870A

eastey-l-sealer-esa-pneumatic-professional-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey Professional Series Pneumatic L-Sealers

eastey-shrink-tunnel-performance-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey Shrink Tunnel Performance Series

eastey-shrink-tunnel-professional-series-shrink-packaging 500 x 500

Eastey Shrink Tunnel Professional Series

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