Wulftec WRWA – 200

WRWA 200 500x500 2


Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapping Equipment

A horizontal stretch wrapping system that is safer, stronger, and more reliable than any other horizontal stretch wrapper. The WRWA’s NO THREAD powered prestretch carriage optimizes film performance, using less film without compromising wrapping strength. It features a precise heavy-duty ring bearing gearbelt drive system as well as a carriage with a loading clamp and patent-pending rapid-lock film roll device that makes loading a snap. Everything can be done in the same area, with easy access to the carriage for simplified re-loading. The user-friendly digital panel interface offers multiple mode selection for more flexibility.

  • 5,000 lbs load weight capacity (optional 6000 lbs)
  • The control panel is UL508A approved
  • 100% structural steel construction
  • Belt driven structural cage
  • Superior Electrical/Electronic Design including Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 logic control
  • Wulftec’s exclusive 20″ NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage (30″ optional)
  • Lifetime warranty on prestretch rollers blue compound
  • Easily available non-proprietary parts
  • Conveyor rollers 2 ½” diameter on 3″ centers for smooth operation
  • Motors speed control are made through AC frequency drives
  • Allen Bradley Monochrome Touch Screen – play an active part in avoiding operator errors by offering a great versatility for customized information and alarm diagnostic
Production Rate
    • 120 loads per hour
Machine Dimensions
    • 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″, 90″ or 102″ diameter ring
    • (Other ring sizes available*)
    • Machine dimensions depending on ring size
Load Weight
    • 5000 lbs
Shipping Weight
    • 3000 lbs

Electrical Requirements

    • 230 V / 3 ph / 60Hz 15A
Pneumatic Requirements
    • 6 cfm @ 80 psi
    • Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC
    • Allen BradleyPanel View 600 Plus
    • 24V control system
    • Load sequencing photoeyes
    • Current overload protection
    • NEMA 4/12 control cabinet with quick disconnect
    • Resetable cycle counter
    • Power on/off lockable switch and indicator pilot light
    • Large emergency stop (push / pull type)
    • Loads per hour display
    • (Banding ON/OFF*)
    • (Mid-Band On/OFF*)
    • Separate front and end wrap selectors (0-9)
    • Film force to load control (Film tension control with analog sensor)
    • Visual film break alarm
    • Film loading clamp manual jog
    • Reset function
    • Manual function including conveyor fwd/rev
    • Alarm mode diagnostic on touch screen
    • Wrapping ON/OFF
Film Delivery System
    • 20″ NO-THREAD® Powered Pre-Stretch Carriage
    • AC motor with Allen Bradley variable frequency drive
    • 50-300% prestretch ratio (preset to customer spec, Std 200%)
    • Sensing device for film out/broken corner compensation
    • Lexan roller cover for operator safety
    • Film force release for easy pull at start and end of cycle
    • Local film feed push button
    • Rapid-lock film roll device
    • Safety switch on carriage door
    • Safety switch on locking pin
Film Tail Treatment
    • Automatic film clamping
    • Starting clamp for initial cycle
    • (Heat seal available*)
    • All structural steel design
    • Electric interlocked access door
    • Machine wrap zone totally guarded
Drive System
    • RPM based on ring size
    • AC motor with variable frequency drive
    • Electronic soft start/stop
    • Positive carriage alignment controlled by proximity sensor
    • Extra heavy duty transmission
    • (Electric brake system*)
Safety Features
    • The Wulftec wrapping system is equipped with 3 photoeyes which monitor access points to wrapping zone and prevent accidental insertion of foreign object during wrapping
    • 2 E-Stop mushroom type push buttons: 1 on control panel, and 1 in wrapping zone* (Additional E-Stops are available upon request)
    • Wrapping zone enclosed with an electronically interlocked access door on either side of wrap zone
    • A vast variety of powered conveyors are available. (Chains, belts, v-belts, roller, etc.)
Technical Information
    • The machine is provided with a manual including electro/mechanical schematics and drawings. trouble shooting guide and installation instructions
    • Optional
    • Production rate based on load configuration and machine options
    • Overall dimensions of machine in operation
    • All machine specifications are subject to change without prior notice
    • Please consult us for prices

Two-Sided Cling

    • Item #370267, 20″ x 5000′ 75ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370264, 20″ x 5000′ 80ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370265, 20″ x 5000′ 80ga Castle cast machine stretch film boxed, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370335, 20″ x 4000′ 115ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370329, 20″ x 4000′ 120ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370330, 30″ x 4000′ 120ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 20 rolls/skid

Differential Cling

    • Item #370268, 20″ x 6000′ 70ga Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid

One-Sided Cling

    • Item #370274, 20″ x 8000′ 55ga SSC Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid
    • Item #370266, 20″ x 5000′ 63ga SSC Castle cast machine stretch film, 50 rolls/skid
    • Item #370303, 20″ x 6000′ 70ga SSC Castle cast machine stretch film, 40 rolls/skid