August 28, 2020


A Slate of Worthy Paper Candidates for Political Direct Mail

With COVID-19 concerns limiting door-to-door canvassing efforts and large rallies for Election 2020, political direct mail is more important than ever. We’re proud to stock a slate of worthy paper candidates, each one earning our vote for effective direct mail that meets USPS® thickness business‑reply requirements!

MacGregor™ XP Coated Cover from Mac Papers

We’re admittedly a bit partial to this candidate! Available exclusively from Mac Papers, the MacGregor™ XP coated cover product line includes gloss and silk items guaranteed to meet USPS® 7pt and 9pt requirements.

MacGregor XP combines high-quality surface, bulk and stiffness, providing the ideal balance of runnability and printability to deliver superior results at a competitive cost. MacGregor XP retains excellent whiteness and brightness, and ensures outstanding reproduction and superior ink holdout.

Win with a warrior this election season by selecting MacGregor coated cover! Click here to download our product guide and visit our Sample Center to request a swatchbook.

MacGregor 2
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Tango® Paperboard from WestRock

Tango® paperboard from WestRock is an ideal choice for political direct mail, known for the sturdiness and stability to impress.

  • Guaranteed to meet USPS® minimum requirement of 9pt thickness
  •  Superior folding, die cutting and finishing
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA
1 Consumer study conducted by independent research firm for WestRock. 2 Sturdiness based on Tango C2S Taber Stiffness measure compared to coated free-sheet at equivalent cover weights.

Opus PS® Premium Paper from Sappi

Sappi’s Opus PS® premium paper can score a victory – before the polls even open!

  • Premium paper proven to increase messaging recall
  • Gloss finish with stunning brightness
  • Guaranteed to meet USPS® 7pt and 9pt minimum business-reply requirements
  • 10% recycled fiber and 100% recyclable
  • Made in the USA with union labor
IP Elections Campaign

Springhill® Paper from International Paper

Springhill® 90 lb. Index manufactured by International Paper is a durable stock that can be relied on for political direct mail. The time-tested candidate meets the 7pt thickness requirement of the USPS®.

You’ll find a mailer printed on Springhill Index plus a door hanger and a ballot printed on Accent® Opaque in International Paper’s Election Season Voter Guide available from Mac Papers.

Request Samples and Swatchbooks

Contact your Mac Papers account manager to help you choose the right paper or paperboard. Visit our online Sample Center to request samples, swatchbooks and promotions, including the items highlighted below. In addition, Domtar has developed Ballot Stock Paper and Envelope Guides. Click here to download.

  • International Paper’s Election Season Voting Guide
  • Sappi’s NEW Opus swatchbook
  • WestRock’s Sturdy Moves People promo filled with compelling direct mail and other print samples
  • Mac Papers’ MacGregor swatchbook
352x264 IPpiece 1
1080x1080 opus
352x264 WestRock
352x264 Macgregor 2

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Count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, inventory and sales expertise.

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