May 22, 2020

Solutions for Protecting your Employees, Customers, Guests and your Business

As workplaces and public spaces open back up, short-term and longer-term protective solutions are needed. Mac Papers offers a full range of what businesses need to keep employees safe and productive, provide a comfortable and healthy environment for guests and customers, and ultimately help keep your operation open and running smoothly.

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Hand care products & dispensers

  • Non-contact thermometers & temperature screening system

  • Cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, supplies & equipment

  • Floor/wall/window graphics & sign stands

  • Industrial tapes for marking & containment

  • Paper & synthetic media for menus & high-touch items

  • Self-seal envelopes

  • Pressure-sensitive labels

300x200 ApronHandSanitizer
300x200 LadyWithFoodandMask


Mac Papers offers KN95 and disposable face masks as well as face shields for industrial and non-medical use. We also stock disposable gloves.

RESOURCES: Click here for details on the face masks/shields and visit our online catalog for our full glove offering.


Hand soaps and sanitizers as well as hands-free dispensers and tissues and towels are essential needs for all businesses and facilities. You can count on Mac Papers and our relationships with key industry suppliers including Georgia-Pacific and Gojo for the products you need. We also have an ample supply of hand sanitizers in pump and gallon sizes in stock and available now.

RESOURCES: Click here for details on hand sanitizers available now to order and visit the Facility Supplies section of our online catalog for our full offering of products and dispensers.

300x200 HandWashing
300x200 Thermometer


From non-contact infrared thermometers to have on hand at your workplace for employees to a high-tech body temperature screening system designed for high-volume traffic areas and crowds, the experts at Mac Papers have you covered with a range of solutions.

RESOURCES: Click here for details.


Maintaining a clean, safe facility has never been more important. From disinfectants and cleaning chemicals to mopping and floor care supplies, janitor carts, waste baskets and can liners, you can rely on Mac Papers for high-quality products that get the job done.

RESOURCES: Visit the Facility Supplies section of our online catalog to browse available products.

300x200 JanSan
300x200 FloorGraphics


An abundance of directional and informational graphics are needed for employees and guests. Mac Papers has a complete line, from easy-to-apply and remove durable floor, wall and window graphics to our exclusive line of Argent® wide format banner materials and rigid board. We also offer a wide variety of banner and information stands, including one that does double-duty with a hand sanitizer unit.

RESOURCES: Click here to download a PDF of our General Formulations wide format graphics guide; click here to download an overview of banner and information stands available from Mac Papers; and visit our Argent website.


Mac Papers carries industrial tapes from leading manufacturers Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) and Shurtape that are ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications, from aisle marking for foot-traffic and social distancing management to bag sealing and containment.

RESOURCES: Click here to read IPG’s containment tapes overview and visit our online catalog for our full offering of tapes and adhesives.

300x200 Tape
300x200 ManWIth Menu


To ensure the highest level of protection for patrons, many restaurants are changing to single-use paper menus or plastic substrates that can be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectants between uses. Hotels are also addressing high-touch items such as privacy hangers and bedside amenities. Mac Papers stocks a wide variety of paper and synthetic media from the top suppliers.

RESOURCES: Click here to read our blog post.


Easy-seal envelopes that provide a secure seal without the need to apply moisture can reduce contact and help avoid potential health and hygiene concerns. Our new Manta™ #10 envelopes offer a reliable self-seal solution.

RESOURCES: Click here to read our Manta™ envelope announcement.

352x264 Manta 1
300x200 FoodDelivery


Ideal for a myriad of applications, labels are especially useful now for communicating important or reassuring information to customers. Consider a “sealed and protected for your enjoyment” label on a to-go food order, a “sanitized for your safety and comfort” sticker at the hotel room entry or rental car door, or a tamper-evident seal on a package. Mac Papers offers the full line of Spinnaker pressure-sensitive products for digital and offset printing and we are proud to stock the best sellers under our Starboard Tack™ brand. Through our packaging line of business, we also offer a wide variety of labels that are well-suited for these applications.

RESOURCES: Visit our online catalog for Starboard Tack products and other labels available for next-day delivery from Mac Papers.

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Count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, inventory and sales expertise.

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