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Quality in Progress

We focus on building quality into our products and services, rather than relying on after-the-fact inspections

Mac Quality in Progress (MAC QIP) is a total quality system that extends from our training programs to the way we conduct our daily business. It mirrors ISO-9004-2 guidelines for service-based companies. The methods and techniques used to ensure quality are built into all aspects of our operations and those of the mills we represent. We guarantee the quality of the product and our value-added support services.

Culture of continuous improvement

Continuous improvement that enables us to be quicker than our competitors is a mentality that every Mac Papers employee possesses. It starts with the feet on the street and in the warehouse and extends through all levels of the organization. Every employee plays a vital role in the success of MAC QIP.

“Zero errors” is more than a slogan at Mac Papers. We regard it is a reachable target for every location. When an issue does arise, our policy is to ensure that it will never happen again. MAC QIP provides a unique procedure for corrective action that addresses the effect of identified problems, determines the root cause, and defines a corrective action to avoid a recurrence. This procedure is fully documented and furnished to the customer.

Reliable products

At Mac Papers, we value our suppliers – and it shows. Many of our suppliers have been with us since our company was founded. It’s the reason we are the preferred partner of many suppliers, who depend on us to go to market in the Southeast. All of our core suppliers conform to ISO standards and compliance regarding the products they produce.

Reliable delivery

Mac Papers differs from its competitors by strictly meeting the delivery times we promise to our customers on every order. We measure our delivery reliability on the basis of percentage of orders delivered in full and on time. Our no-excuses standard of performance is 95% or more, and we achieve it consistently. Ask us to see the data. We’re happy to share it!

Proof is not in slogans

We’re proud of our quality program, and we invite you to review our documentation and performance metrics. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find:

  • MAC QIP is in place at the location level with mandatory compliance for all employees.
  • Executive management conducts annual location reviews for MAC QIP compliance.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual audits are performed with customers to verify performance compliance to contracts.
  • Documented procedures are followed for all processes that affect quality.
  • MAC QIP guarantees that the customer’s quality requirements are met.
  • Customer contracts are reviewed for completeness, discrepancies and required capabilities.
  • Procedures are controlled to guarantee accurate information.
  • Purchase orders are reviewed for complete and accurate information.
  • Procedures are in place so that customer-supplied products are uniquely identified to maintain traceability.
  • Product inspection is performed throughout the order receipt and fulfillment process. Points of inspection include:
  • Order entry
  • Order picking
  • Order staging
  • Order loading
  • Order delivery
  • Measuring equipment is controlled and calibrated to guarantee accuracy.
  • Mill direct-supplied products are identified with an inspection record.
  • Nonconforming products are controlled to ensure only acceptable product is delivered.
  • Procedures are in place for product handling that ensures quality is maintained throughout all processes.
  • MAC QIP quality records are maintained to demonstrate all process have been performed as required.
  • Internal quality audits are performed to verify compliance to the MAC QIP system.
  • Procedures for training are used to identify and resolve personnel training needs.
  • MAC QIP procedures are in place to ensure that customer-specific requirements are being met.
  • Statistical techniques and methods are used to monitor the effectiveness of the MAC QIP system.

To a large extent, the quality of the employees determines the success of the policy of striving for zero faults. Mac Papers prides itself on the quality of the character of our employees.

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Count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, inventory and sales expertise.


Get In Touch Today!

Count on the benefits that come from our commitment to providing exceptional local management, inventory and sales expertise.


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