Coronavirus Procedures & Contingencies: Message to Our Business Partners

Aligned with our core value of Trusted Reliability, we want to assure you that Mac Papers has contingency plans in place for a wide variety of potential business disruptions including the escalating Coronavirus pandemic that is a concern we share with our employees, business partners and members of our communities.

Supply Chain Continuity

  • With an extensive network of company-owned warehouses and a private fleet of trucks located across the Southeast, Mac Papers has the redundancy of assets needed to serve our customers’ needs effectively from multiple locations.
  • Should it become necessary to curtail shipments from or temporarily close any of our locations for reasons due to the coronavirus, weather emergencies such as hurricanes, or any other reasons, Mac Papers has plans in place to continue supplying its customers.
  • Our purchasing teams and business leads remain in close contact with our primary mill partners and key suppliers, offshore and U.S.-based, across all lines of business for the latest information on possible supply chain disruptions due to the coronavirus.
  • The vast majority of our paper and packaging products are sourced domestically and inventory is not currently a challenge, with the exception of some facility supplies due to the heightened demand for the products. We are monitoring inventory levels, assessing contingency sources and making planning and sourcing decisions as needed to minimize any potential impacts to our customers.

For questions about a specific supplier, please reach out to your local Mac Papers account manager or branch General or Sales Manager. They have access to the most current statements we are receiving from our mill and supply partners.

Employee Well-being

  • Thankfully, none of our employees have been reported as being diagnosed with COIVD-19. We have put a number of temporary policies and procedures in place to help ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and their families.
  • We have halted all travel by air and rail and are also curtailing all “nonessential” employee travel of any kind. In addition, we have canceled and are no longer scheduling any events or gatherings and we have asked our salesforce and branch personnel to conduct business meetings by telephone or web conference for the time being.
  • We are sharing the latest reliable information available from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding preventative measures and recommended hygiene practices at all of our locations.
  • We are providing additional handwashing and cleaning supplies as available at our locations and planning to increase the frequency and/or intensity of professional cleaning services.

Visitors to our Facilities

  • Although we thoroughly enjoy seeing our valued customers and suppliers in person as often as possible, we are also instituting a temporary curtailment on visitors to our facilities.
  • All unplanned visitors except shipment deliveries and Will Call pick-ups will be turned away. Any visitor requests must be received 48 business hours in advance.

Our Business Partners’ Policies

  • Likewise, we will follow and respect any procedures and requirements our customers and suppliers institute – regarding meetings, deliveries, etc. Please be sure to communicate any such policies or needs through your standard and local contacts at Mac Papers. You may also send any questions or concerns to [email protected].

Keeping You Updated

  • We will continue to post updates on this section of our site and also to our news subscribers.

As always, we greatly appreciate and value the opportunity to serve and partner with our customers and suppliers.

Thank you for your business. Please stay well.