Hospitality & Facility Supplies: Paper & Synthetic Media for High-Touch Items

As restaurants, hotels and other establishments in the hospitality industry re-open in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, there is a heightened need to address all customer touchpoints in an effort to minimize transmission of the virus, keep guests reassured and safe, and provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Everything from menus and placemats to keycards and door hangers should be considered.

300x300-Hospitality2PRINTING PAPERS

Many restaurants are transitioning to single-use paper menus, replacing them at each table turn. As the new Paper Menu Playbook from International Paper highlights, there is a wide range of papers suitable for any type of dining experience, from quick service to high end.

Hotels welcoming back guests are also evaluating the need for single use paper items, from privacy hangers to room-service menus and bedside amenities. As our new Neenah/Mac Papers promotion filled with creative samples emphasizes, in the hospitality industry the guest experience is everything, and premium papers are an impactful way to reinforce and elevate brand. Plus, paper is an infinitely recyclable and sustainable choice.

Mac Papers stocks an extensive paper offering from leading mills Domtar, International Paper, Mohawk, Neenah, Pixelle, Sappi, and Verso.

300x300-Hospitality3SYNTHETIC MEDIA

Printing on plastic substrates that can be wiped down with alcohol or disinfectants between patrons is also a great option. Constructed to stand up to heavy use while still maintaining the flexibility of paper, synthetic materials eliminate the need for laminating.

Regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or type of equipment used, Mac Papers has the right synthetic media for the job at hand. We’ve got our customers covered with products from the top suppliers including Arjobex, Blanks USA, Domtar, Graphix, Kernow, Masterpiece, Mohawk, Nekoosa, PPG, Yupo, and 4S Graphics.

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Contact your Mac Papers account manager to help you choose the right paper or substrate. Visit our online Sample Center to request paper samples and be sure to look under the Promos and Packets tab to request the following sample kits or promotions:

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