Keeping an Eye on Packaging Return on Investment (ROI)

The experts at Mac Papers are well versed on the many shipping-related factors that can impact your bottom line, from package design and assembly to inventory management and DIM weight considerations. We’ve pulled together a short list to help you keep an eye on ROI.

  • Right-size primary packaging – Is wasted space costing you? A small change to primary packaging can ensure you use the correct size packaging which in turn will reduce waste and lower your shipping costs.
  • Maximize your secondary packaging – Redesigning secondary packaging can also improve ROI. Consider whether you can you ship more product on fewer pallets by safely redesigning the case size to add another layer of product to each pallet.
  • Save time and money through automation – While manually assembling 2,500 cases a day would take two people nearly 14 hours non-stop, an automatic case sealer taping a modest 10 boxes per minute can accomplish the same result in only four hours.
  • Understand DIM weight – Since many carriers apply dimensional (DIM) weight pricing to ground shipments, reducing package dimensions or volume while ensuring adequate protection of contents is essential.
  • Manage your inventory – Effectively managing inventory will allow you to free up warehouse space, redeploy labor resources and lower overall business expenses.

“Our experienced packaging professionals are adept at helping businesses navigate all of the factors listed above,” said Chris McCabe, vice president of packaging at Mac Papers. “By surveying your operation, we can locate the trouble spots, identify opportunities and develop solutions customized to your needs, from packaging materials to equipment.”

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