Large-Format Printer Market Projected to Reach $11.4 Billion by 2026

According to recent industry research, the large format printer market is projected to reach $11.4 billion in US dollars by 2026 from $8.8 billion in 2021.  Small businesses, large businesses, all types of businesses are looking at new and different ways to market themselves and support their customers with different and innovative sales and promotion tools that come from wide format equipment and applications.

With this industry, growth comes many questions, concerns, worries, and curiosities from companies who are either looking to take the leap for the first time or expand their current operations.  To help demystify the many facets of large format printing, Mac Papers and Packaging is unveiling a weekly series called Mac Knows, featuring Sales Director Sean Profera.  In this weekly series, Sean will provide tips, insights, trends, address FAQs, offer product knowledge, and, generally, transfer his knowledge from over 20 years in the industry to help companies make smart, empowered, confident buying decisions.

The first segment offers a look into the background and experience of Sean Profera and sets the stage for future episodes that rely upon Sean’s know-how to help others who are thinking about exploring or going bigger with their wide format business initiatives.

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