1920x500 Interior sample center 2

Online Sample Center Process

We’re pleased to offer an online Sample Center available 24/7 to more accurately and efficiently fulfill our customers’ requests for paper and wide format media samples as well as swatchbooks.

Features include:

  • Easy-to-use form with auto-fill feature for customers
  • Swatchbook listing with search functions by mill, brand and title
  • Printed promotions and special sample packets library
  • Section for Argent wide format media samples
  • Email confirmation of request with detailed summary of order
  • Automatic notification to customer’s account manager or closest branch to ensure they are also aware of your needs

We work closely with our mill partners to ensure our branches have a good supply of swatchbooks on hand and our account managers are committed to helping ensure our customers’ swatch cabinets are kept up-to-date.

Please contact us at sample.centers@macpapers.com with any questions about the Sample Center. Thank you for being a Mac Papers and Packaging customer. We value the opportunity to serve you!