Here’s one time when the IRS can really help you!

Section 179 of The Tax Code may provide you with a significant financial benefit if you act now, purchase needed business supplies and take delivery before the end of the calendar year 2022. Section 179 typically allows you to fully deduct the entire purchase price for the equipment you place into service in 2022. You immediately lower your tax liability with equipment that helps you generate revenue now. However, we are not tax advisers and suggest contacting your CPA to discuss your specific tax benefits.

Our end of year inventory clearance sale is here. Save up to $18,500 on top of your tax benefits.

Mac Papers and Packaging has a variety of wide format printing equipment in-stock and ready to deliver and install before year-end. Call us at (866) 952-5365 or complete the form below for more details. Price includes installation* and ink (for most printers). Freight may apply. Warranties are included with every piece of equipment. These deals are limited and going quickly.

Demo Models

  • Mimaki TS-100-1600*: $6,995 ($3,000 savings)
  • Mimaki UCJV300-130*: $17,995 ($4,000 savings)
  • Epson R5070*: $17,995 ($6,600 savings)
  • Multicam Celero 5: $173,980 ($18,500 savings)
  • GFP 355th: $5,500 ($1,395 savings) SOLD
  • Roland LEC2-330*: $17,495 ($7,500 savings) SOLD
  • Roland LV-290 w/BOFA*: $20,995 ($15,500 savings)
  • Roland BN-20A: $4,795 ($500 savings)
  • Roland GS-24 w/stand: $1,495 ($500 savings) SOLD

New Models

  • Roland BN-20A: $4,795 ($500 savings)
  • Mimaki CJV330-160*: $26,495 ($9,000 savings)
  • Epson F2100 DTG: $15,995 ($3,000 savings)
  • Roland GS-24: $1,695 ($300 savings; stand included)
  • Roland LEF2-300: $25,995 ($7,500 savings; add $5,395 for ULT-AIR unit)
  • Mimaki TS100-1600: $6,995 ($3,000 savings) SOLD
  • Roland VG3-540: $17,995 ($3,000 savings)
  • Roland VG3-640: $20,995 ($4,000 savings)

The financial benefits may be significant…but you need to act fast!

Calculate your savings with the interactive PDF that allows you to enter the MSRP for equipment to reveal the potential tax benefits. For more information or to secure your order, call us at (866) 952-5365, complete the contact form below or submit a credit application and we’ll be in touch immediately to help you.

For more information please contact us today!